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S-1029 Crowns of the Kingdom This section was left out of the chart.

MY HEART WEDDING SAMPLER: The June issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine has a problem with the fabric size instructions. I designed the piece, but JCS wrote the instructions---it says to use a piece of fabric that is 11" X 11"---THAT WILL NOT WORK! You need a piece of fabric that is about 13 X 15 for this piece!  

Q-1124 Garden of Eden: I have found an error on the floss list, inside the front cover. It has the number '2141' for Chrysanthemum, and it should be #2241. It looks like it correct on the other pages. 

PF-002 BERKSHIRE BEE HIVES: The fabric listed shows 28 ct., IT SHOULD BE 32 ct. If you have the 28 ct fabric, it will work IF YOU START IN THE CENTER OF THE FABRIC! You will only have 2" on all four sides for framing! 

S-1196--Summer Quakers: The number on the front cover is wrong, it says S-1031 and it should say S-1196. My printer did a cut and paste and did not correct the inventory number. This should only effect shops and distributors and will be changed at the next printing. 
*Page 7 there is a small basket of flowers, the curly stems on each side with an "L" symbol on each end. They do not match and they should, the one on the left-hand side is correct.  This will be corrected in the second printing.
*Page 8 the "x" color O78 in the top of the flower motif above the letters B and C do not match. It should be a mirror image,  the right-hand side should match the left-hand side.
*The 3 stitches in the bee's wings that call for Valdani 0196, should be stitched in DMC 310.
*The color chart on each page shows the DMC color number at the top of the section and at the top of the VAL color numbers.  Do not want to cause confusion. All of these mistakes will be corrected in the second printing of this chart.

S-1131  Good In Everything: Please use these three pages to replace the one in the chart, there are some symbols that are doubled up on and some missing. 

page 4

page 6

page 10

S-1178  Arise My Soul: On pages 4 & 5 floss color #4212 should be #4121.

S-1199--Two Blue Birds: The instructions say you need 2 skeins of DMC #645 & #839, floss #839 is incorrect it should be #829.

Q-1292 Halloween Quilt Sampler: The backstitch instructions for Ghost Walk: block 2 are incorrect--please use these:
*Thin red lines WDW 1317
*Thick red lines WDW 1333
*Thin gray lines WDW 1224
*Thick gray lines WDW 3960

SS-103 Flowers of Rosehall Sampler: Please print this correction SS-103, if you add it at the bottom of the sections as suggested and then use the shaded area the design will be correct. Corrected in the second printing.

S-1276 OLD GLORY---On page 5 the specialty stitch instructions say to stitch the "red stripes" using a Smyrna Cross--however, the instructions for that the Smyrna Cross are shown on page 2 where it says "Diamond Star," the charted instructions are correct; however, the written instructions say 1 strand over "12" threads--it should say over 2 threads.  THERE ARE 10 SECTIONS--not 8 as shown on the first page of the booklet--sorry for the confusion---they are all shown in the chart however.

C-012 TO HAVE A CHILD?The chart has the wrong size alphabet for personalizing this piece---although the smaller version CAN be used, if you adjust the spacing. If you prefer to stitch it using the same size alphabet that is shown on the cover ---  C-012 correction for alphabet Sorry for the confusion.

S-1186 QUAKERS & QUILTS--I found a big mistake on section 6 of this design.  Sorry, neither my proof reader nor I caught it before it went to print.  When the design is reprinted I will correct it. The long border of oval shapes that look like a chain, under the numbers and small borders, shows symbol "L" it should be color H210  YOU ONLY NEED THIS CORRECTION IF IT IS SHOWN AS AN "L" IN THIS BORDER.  A SECOND PRINTING OF THIS BOOKLET HAS THE CORRECTION MADE! When purchasing threads for "Quakers Only", if using one color floss; you will need 25-30 yards of floss. 5-6 skeins of Weeks Dye Works Onyx.

S-1128  BABY'S BIRTH SAMPLER  The color chart on page 5 is incorrect. Please use the color chart on page 6 instead. 

S-1125 AND A GARDEN GREW  In Section 1, the floss color for the entire stem of the tall flower (with the diamond shaped stem, next to the first butterfly, upper left-hand corner on chart) is DMC 935

S-1251 IRISH ROSE BLESSING To make your stitching of the bottom large roses look like the chart cover use #816 instead of #713---however I do think that the light pink would work just as well! Depends on how you like your roses. In fact, I have stitched it this way as a gift my self and loved it!

Q-1112 AMERICAN FLAG QUILT SAMPLER if your chart does NOT have a small correction sticker for symbol "O" from DMC 3688 to 3722--please correct this color. In blue section of flag please even up the last "star" filler block by moving it UP three rows and filling in bottom three rows. (See cover for details).

Also in blue section-- the Georgia block needs to be re-charted. Please use this correction. You can e-mail me at for a pdf file of this block if you prefer. Sorry for the confusion.

In the instructions for STAR (under instructions for Rhode Island) please change the Thin Red Line color from #3080 to # 3830.

In the Utah block--please use the floss color for the symbol "E" in place of "e".

The word "Carolina" is spelled wrong in both North and South states.

NOTE: the "New Mexico" block is correct---it just wouldn't translate to the same size as the other blocks. It's not a mistake!

In the stripes section of the flag---please check the two row red stripes for the letter N in "under God" . The stripe should move up one row in the letter "N" only.

If you would like a copy of these changes please e-mail me with your name and address or send me a note via snail mail and I will be happy to send them to you.

S-1322 AMERICA! LAND THAT I LOVE! was printed with the wrong color chart. Please see the correct color chart below.


Q-1318 CRAZY SUNFLOWERS In the "Take time to smell the flowers patch--there is a blank space please use symbol "L" to fill this space. Please change your chart to reflect the following change--instead of symbol "/" for color DMC 368, please change this symbol to a "blank square" as in the "Perform random acts of kindness" patch. 

X-1223 REINDEER CHRISTMAS STOCKING was printed originally without the color chart for the large inside view of the stocking! If you have one of these charts please e-mail or write to me for an update! I will send it out ASAP!

ALSO, I MISTAKENLY HAVE TWO SYMBOLS FOR THE SAME DMC color # 3829 (a square and the letter "L") this is the correct colors for both symbols in the design. Sorry for any confusion.  


S-1228 RELAX MY FRIEND change the symbol "k" to the symbol that looks like a "tree" or spade" shape--it's DMC #310--in the large sampler with all the tea pots and tea cups.
Q-1117 BALTIMORE ROSE WEDDING SAMPLER--in the instructions it says "Backstitch stems on large flowers (heavy lines) in heart shaped wreath---DMC 3813 or ANC 875" THIS IS CORRECT, but may need extra explanation--after regular cross stitching is completed, backstitch the stems (they look like arrows on the chart) over the top of your cross stitching. This is supposed to look like very small pieces of fabric when complete. Also, some customers can not locate DMC 5200, it is a very white, white, so simply select any very white color of floss.

Q1126 STAR SPANGLED BANNER-I have written "at the twilight's last gleaming" when it should be "at the twilights last gleaming", the "I" in twilight has apparently been omitted. Please add the "I". Be sure to center that row of stitching by moving over to the left two spaces at the beginning of that line. Sorry for any confusion. 

Q-1123 Welcome Friends Algerian Eyelet stitches should be stitched using DMC 500. Do not outline/backstitch the squares around the outside of the Algerian Eyelet. I marked this to show you where they are placed on the chart. This is stitched one strand of floss over two threads of linen. All stitches go toward the center of the eyelet as you go around the "square". You are simply adding another stitch from the outside toward the center each time. You may want to practice one or two in a corner of your fabric until get the hang of it. 

S-1110 WALK BESIDE ME WEDDING SAMPLER There are two star symbols--one is a bit larger than the other, but it is hard to tell the difference. The larger "star" is for DMC 677, which is used in the motif around the date and the ribbon motif around the initials. The smaller "star" symbol is for DMC 754 is used for the small flower motif in the date section and for the small bouquets by the initials sections.


AND A FOREST GREW-*-*-*-YOU NEED THIS CORRECTION IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THE FIRST 1,000 PRINTED COPIES OF THIS DESIGN! You can check by looking at the second page of the chart where the entire color chart is shown. If the DMC floss # are in numerical order & continue over to a third column of numbers--you DO NOT--need the corrections! I am also short two colors for that first page. ADD--DMC 3830(which is a "diamond" shaped symbol) & DMC 3852 (which is the number "4" for the symbol). This is a large chart with lots of colors and therefore, lots of symbols, so, I divided it into 14 sections, with the intent of showing the floss list & symbols on the first page and then showing them for each individual page, so you would not have to refer back to the first page. I forgot that my computer program would reassign symbols each time I cut and pasted a section to a new page! THE SECTION SYMBOLS AND COLORS ARE CORRECT FOR THAT SECTION--they WILL NOT match the first page symbol/color chart, and they WILL NOT match the previous page, but the design WILL have the correct colors.

ALSO, apparently my printer did NOT use the correction I sent him for SECTION 6. I have it for you as a pfd or I will be happy to send it to you hard copy. 
***There are also additions to the color charts for one of the BONUS CHARTS in the back of the booklet. Please print the pdf below for that color chart or e-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you.

I am so sorry for all the confusion with this chart. If I can help in any way please let me know. 

S-1122 ROSE WATER COLOR BUTTERFLY--In the alphabet section--between the letters there is a line of backstitching which shows on the chart but is not shown in the photo on the cover. You can stitch this design either way you choose. Enjoy! Karen
S-1147 SILENT SAMPLER In the middle of the chart between the letters "L" and "M" and straight down from the 2nd burgundy flower, (exact location on the chart is 30 squares down from the top and 5 squares to the left of center) chart has a symbol "s" that indicates you need to make 1 cross stitch with #3046. PLEASE DELETE THIS STITCH.
S-1161 WINDOW SILL OF HEAVEN  Page 2--In tulips border (at bottom of chart) the charts shows two small flower motifs using "+" symbol--they should match the other small flower motifs--using "spade" and "Triangle" symbols.Page 3--In the second border from bottom of chart (pink flowers) on the right hand side of chart--a vine shape is missing. Page 4-- On the top right hand side of chart (by the peach flower border) there are three "flower" shaped symbols that should be eliminated. THE SAME ITEMS SHOULD BE CHANGED IN THE FLOWER BORDERS SAMPLER (the alphabet sampler). NOTE: Check the border for the bonus charts also! In "Apartment Sweet Apartment" the small flowers need to be changed to match.
S-1119 GROW OLD WITH ME--The vines beside the columns down by the personalized area are not shown as being the same on both sides; I suggest moving the vine on the left hand side down one, so it matches the vine on the right.
C-001 THE BERRIES-- Please note that three of the floss colors used are from Weeks Dye Works instead of Sampler Threads--Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry; which I understand has been discontinued! Please use 1316 MULBERRY instead. PAGE 1--In the list of beads from Mill Hill--please delete #40344--it does not exist. The color charts for pages 2,3 & 4 should NOT say "DMC" at the top. DMC is used ONLY for the "Bonus Charts" on page 6. PAGE 2--In the directions for beads for center of large flower: Instead of #40344 it should be #40374. Also--Beads--flower pots change the # to 03004. Page 6, the symbols used for the Bonus Charts on the last page are missing please print the pdf below, or send me an e-mail or I will be happy to mail them to you. C-001-mini1.pdf

Q-1350 TULIP QUILT SAMPLER Color Chart shows DMC and ANC (Anchor) floss colors--the ANC colors are listed incorrectly--please consult a conversion chart! I have no idea how this happened! Sorry!
S-1319 SHAKESPEARE WEDDING SAMPLER--Rainbow Gallery has discontinued their Fiesta line which includes F703, please substitute either Rainbow Gallery's PN39 or PN40 (which is their Rayon fiber called Panache and may work OK for the longer stitches, but for the smaller stitches may not work as well since it cannot be separated) OR DMC Rayon 30712 (THIS IS MY PREFERENCE!)Also, color PA126--should be listed as PA136--so sorry for the confusion.  The correct instructions for the TRIANGLE STITCH are shown in this pdf. if you need a hard copy please let me know I will be happy to mail it to you.  S-1319TriangleStitch.pdf  

X-1211 CRANBERRY IN PINES-- Please ignore/delete the symbol--the large dot and the color DMC 349--it is NOT needed. I had used this to note the beads for my printer and it was accidentally included in the color chart.
S-1149 GARDEN TILES--on page 11 in the pattern for the Needlebook; there should be additional "heart" symbols on the left, right and bottom flower stems (two each section). It should match the top OR refer to TILE 4.

M-3 NOSTALGIA I---The very top row of stitches on the border is missing!  Please add the extra stitches to match the other three sides of the border.  When I cut and pasted it, it got lost---so sorry for the confusion.  It should match the borders in Nostalgia II and Nostaglia III.

"Toffee Biscotti"-- In the 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine, along with my ornament chart, there is a recipe for "Toffee Biscotti"--it reads mix into the "butter" mixture---it should say mix into the "batter" mixture.  Sorry for the confusion--I just do not understand why my computer can't read my mind.

BARNWOOD BUTTONS--In chart instructions for which buttons to place where--instead of B1/16 it should say B12/16 and instead of B1/12 it should say B12/12.  Sorry for the confusion.To find the corrections pdf click on the name of the design (ex. Vintage Lace or Quaker Diamonds), then right click on Save Target As and download it into your downloads file.  Then go back and find it there  to print out.

S-1250 PAST & PRESENT  I accidentally set the scale wrong on one section only.  Please print out this correction for Section 2.  Sorry for the mistake.  I will correct it in the second printing of this booklet." Also, on the top rows--just under the letters N, O, P--the Smyrna Cross stitches---there should be 3 stitches of each of the following colors DMC 924, 3768, 926, 927 & 928.
Heart details The Butterfly----on page 19---on the bookmark that is extra and on page 20 that is in the design piece--there is a symbol that is a black dot with a slash going through it---the color of floss to be used it #145 Dinky Dyes Silk Floss. On page 9 & 10 the instructions say to stitch the 4-sided stitches in groups of three for each color floss---there are only 8 sets--so the last set will only have two sets of 4-sided stitches.  Sorry for the confusion. 

Q1130--PHEBE WARNER QUILT--I neglected to add the symbol and color number for the "dots" in the sheep and shepard--they should be stitched using DMC 3865.

S-1151 WATCH OVER ME (BIRTH SAMPLER)  I forgot to add in some BS instructions--the leaf viens (in the slanted branches) are BS DMC 502 and the curly  motifs (at the ground line where the little flowers and leaves are) BS DMC 502.  The date of birth is BS DMC 501.  BS in the border motifs is random--your choice using any of the greens. There are 3 birds on each side of the tree, the third one down from the top has some backstitching at the neck--please use DMC 839 for these stitches.
B-102 LIGHTHOUSE ISLAND Bottom of biscornu--water--please change DMC 762 floss to DMC 3865. I used DMC 762 when designing so I could see it on the computer screen and it was supposed to be changed to DMC 3865!  I changed it on the top section with the houses, but apparently forgot to on the bottom--water section.  If you've got a lot of it stitched I would just go ahead and stitch it that way, it's water and no one will know the difference.  Some people are finding the mini charts symbols confusing--the symbols on the left-hand side are for the water and the ones on the right-hand side are for the minis.

S-1179 VINTAGE LACE I left 10 rows of stitching out of the center of the chart!  Please print the pdf for those rows. The 10 rows of stitching will be inserted as shown on the Correction page.

S-1184 QUAKER DIAMONDS PAGE 9--in the diamond shape section of the quilt square, there are "arrows", these are the "flower stems" and the color used should be H202.  ALSO, in the BS instructions: Checks in star points--should be H204 not H205.

PAGE 10--in the triangle shape section of the quilt square, there are "arrows", these are the "flower stems" and the color used should be H202.

Add the small motif for with the letter "L"  L correction


S-1136 ABC TAPESTRY--There are some backstitching lines in the booklet that appear darker than others--such as the chart for the letter "C"--this was a mistake in my layout, please ignore the fact that some are darker than others, they are all supposed to be backstitched using 1 strand floss as directed.

X-1212 MY STARS (Christmas Stocking) & X-1213 STARS IN MY CROWN (Christmas Stocking) ---The  "diamond" shaped symbol is listed under DMC and should be listed under MILL HILL, because it is a bead number.

GC-1  BLUE FLOWERS GREETING CARD - some of the symbols are not included and some are show twice.  Please print the pfd for corrections.

S-1112 FLOWERS, PLANTS & FISHES--I tried to add an overlap of 3 stitches on the sections and I messed up badly!!  I am so sorry, please send my an e-mail to receive a pdf of the corrections.

S-1145 GOOD NIGHT Section 2--BS: Vines with sm. purple flowers--DMC 3012 NOT 3042.

C-010 FLOWERS IN THE CRANNIED WALL The symbol and color for "6" was omitted--please use DMC 924.

GC-007 WITH IN (greeting card)  Here is the complete list of colors and symbols


"S-1056---SEASIDE SAMPLER---the last page of the pattern/chart is missing.  It's just a small part of the pattern, but obviously needed!" click here for correction file

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