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S-1109 Christmas Quilts: Click on this link S-1109 for corrections on pages 2 & 3.

S-1080 Leeds House Sampler: There is a typo in the Sulky color key on pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.11, 12& 14. The correct number is #712-4055---not 712-4056. 

S-1268 Sunset: One of the Weeks Dye Works thread numbers was a typo--instead of #2201, it should be #2102. 

S-1066 Hidden Tulips:  Click on this link S-1066 Pages 2 & 3 do not match up with the rest of the pages.

S-1063--Wise Owl: please delete or ignore the "L" symbol for DMC 829---it is NOT used in the design! I accidentally left it in when searching for a color to correct.

S-1000-Hannah Bacon: There is an incorrect Weeks Dye Works floss # on the first page of the chart. #1170 should be #1101. Also, on pages 13,17,18,20 & 23 the floss is WDW NOT DMC' 

S-1060 Swirling Flowers: There is a minor typo in the needs list. #2268 Monkey Grass should be #2168 Monkey Grass. It's correct everywhere else in the chart.

Q-1160 Patriotic Quilt: OH MY! I REALLY MESSED THIS UP---The list of people on the stripes of the piece are the signers of the Declaration of Independence not the Constitution!! That is what I get for trusting the internet--which is where I collected the info. Sooooo Sorry!! It's still Patriotic:) ALSO, one of the names is spelled incorrectly--it says Pillip Livingston and it should be Philip!

S-1062 Row, Row Your Boat: The "middle" row of the border just under the words "Gently down the stream" should be stitched using WDW #1284 Cadet, NOT #2230 Clockwork.

S-1325 Morning Glory Sampler: The poet Robert Louis Stevenson's middle name is misspelled---there should be a correction in you chart. If no please email me for a correction.

S-1217 Corners & Curves: It was left out that you will need approximately 4 skeins of Weeks Dye Works #2205.

X-1213 Stars in My Crown: One of the Mill Hill bead # is listed in the DMC floss colors in the chart. #02011 is a BEAD not FLOSS. 

S-1043 Dreaming of Tulips: In the floss list the number for WDW Bullfrog should be #2202 NOT #2205 This shows up in the Algerian Eyelets.

S-1326 Autumn Quakers: In the top left-hand corner only, the floss color used to stitch the small motif was different than the floss color the chart calls for. Either will work great! I've seen it both ways and it looks good either way. 

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