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Debbie LaMorte

Mother (Derrell Lenora Parker Johnson) or (Mrs. L.B. Johnson) made 8 or 10 of the Zippa-De-Do-Da Purses while she was 100. She is now 101 (as of 1-10). While I was taking her picture, she was eating pecans. She is quite a lady and has a wonderful sense of humor and attitude. She is just like the Eveready bunny - she keeps going and going and going. Judi Keiss Jan., 2006

Gladys Hogg of Overland Park, KS

Amy Caldwell of Seattle, WA

This spring I worked your "Walk Beside Me" wedding sampler. One of the things I liked best about the pattern was they way you encouraged people to try something different with it. I did modify it some, adding bands of Hardanger in place of some of the cross stitch. I'm sending a couple of photos of the finished piece because I thought you might like to see a bit of a different take on your work. Thanks so much!


Hi Karen,
I just love your patterns and thought you might like to see my rendition of your "White Christmas". I used Gentle Arts "Mistletoe" overdyed fiber and faux fur and green velvet for the finishing, which I did myself.
I've just purchased your chart for the beaded wedding bag. I'm in love with it!
Keep on designing!, Robin Leach, Providence RI

Hello Karen! Well, after doing a cross stitch for a friend, I finally got to do your chart" To Church I love to go". I just loved doing it! One of my friends on a forum I belong to, liked it so much she is going to buy the chart and do it! The only thing I did different from your chart was to add krenik blending filament to the stain glass windows in the church. It just adds a little sparkle and looks so nice.
Michelle Perkins

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