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These are heirloom quality needlework pieces which are stitched on high quality linen fabric
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Rosewood Designs cross stitch charts and quilt patterns


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Q-1160 Patriotic Quilt

S-1000 Hannah Bacons
S-1043 Dreaming of Tulips
S-1060 Swirling Flowers
S-1062 Row, Row Your Boat
S-1066 Hidden Tulips

S-1109 Christmas Quilts
S-1325 Morning Glory Sampler.

X-1213 Stars In My Crown

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B-102 Light House Island

C-001 The Berries C-001-mini1.pdf
C-010 Flowers In The CranniedWall
C-012 To Have A Child

GC-1 Blue Flowers Greeting Card
GC-007 With In Greeting card

M-3 Nostalgia I

PF-002 Berkshire Bee Hives

Q-1112 American Flag Quilt Sampler
Q-1117 Baltimore Rose Wedding Sampler
Q-1123 Welcome Friends
Q-1124 Garden of Eden
Q-1126 Star Spangled Banner
Q-1130--Phebe Warner Quilt
Q-1292 Halloween Quilt Sampler
Q-1318 Crazy Sunflowers
Q-1350 Tulip Quilt sampler

S-1029 Crowns of the Kingdom
S-1056 Seaside Sampler

S-1109 Christmas Quilts
S-1110 Walk Beside Me Wedding Sampler
S-1112 Flowers, Plants & Fishes
S-1119 Grow Old With Me
S-1122 Rose Water Color Butterfly
S-1125 And A Garden Grew
S-1128 Baby's Birth Sampler
S-1131 Good In Everything
S-1135 And A Forest Grew
S-1136 ABC Tapestry
S-1145 Good Night
S-1147 Silent Sampler
S-1149 Garden Tiles
S-1151 Watch Over Me Birth Sampler
S-1161 Window Sill of Heaven
S-1178 Arise My Soul
S-1179 Vintage Lace
S-1184 Quaker Diamonds
S-1186 Quakers & Quilts
S-1196 Summer Quakers
S-1199 Two Blue Birds
S-1217 Corners & Curves
S-1228 Relax My Friend
S-1250 Past & Present
S-1276 Old Glory
S-1251 Irish Rose Blessing
S-1319 Shakespeare Wedding Sampler
S-1322 America! Land That I Love
S-1326 Autumn Quakers

SS-103 Rose Hall Sampler

X-1211 Cranberry In Pines
X-1212 My Stars Christmas Stocking
X-1213 Stars in My Crown Christmas Stocking
X-1223 Reindeer Christmas Stocking

Magazine Articles
"Toffee Biscotti" 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazine, along with my ornament chart
My Heart Wedding Sampler

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