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Live Each Season-sampler, samplers, seasons,  season sampler, season samplers, cross, rosewood manor, dmc
$6.50 $3.00
Hearts & Flowers-bellpull, hearts, flowers, hearts and flowers, alphabet, sampler, samplers
$16.50 $7.00
Crazy Sunflowers-sunflower, sunflowers, flowers, crazy quilts, pillows, rosewood manor, DMC, karen kluba
$12.00 $2.00
Glad Gladiola-gladiola, floral, crazy quilt, pillow, pillows, Karen Kluba, rosewood, rosewood manor. cross stitch
$10.00 $5.00-$6.00
Dragonfly, Dragonfly-dragonfly, dragongly quilt, dragonfly quilts, rosewood manor, karen kluba
$6.50 $2.50
Butterflies Flutterby-butterfly, butterflies, butterfly quilt, rosewood manor, butterfly quilt blocks, quilt, karen kluba
$6.00 $2.00
Birds of a Feather-sampler, samplers, bird sampler, bell pull, bellpulls, Rosewood Manor, karen kluba
$6.50 $2.50
Mini Sampler Trio-sampler, samplers, mini sampler, small sampler, quick to stitch, floral samplers, rosewood manor, ka
$6.00 $3.00
Fruitful Clusters-sampler, samplers, fruit sampler, fruit samplers, karen kluba, flower sampler, flower samplers, rose
$8.50 $4.00
Four Seasons Sampler-four seasons, four seasons sampler, seasons sampler, Rosewood Manor
$6.50 $3.75
When We Plant a Tree-sampler, samplers, tree sampler, tree samplers, samplers about trees, karen kluba
$6.95 $4.00
Oh Little Firefly-firefly, fireflies, fireflies sampler, sampler, quilt sampler, rosewood manor, karen kluba
$6.00 $2.00
Best  Wishes Ornaments-Christmas ornaments, cross stitched ornaments, 12 Christmas ornaments, karen kluba, German ornaments
$8.50 $5.50
Elegant Memories-wedding, wedding book, wedding guest book, wedding bag
$9.00 $3.00
Great British Sampler-sampler, samplers, British samplers, English samplers, Irish samplers, Welsh samplers, Scottish samp
$11.50 $6.00
Charming Tulips-tulips, tulips bellpull, tulip sampler, cross stitch tulips, Rosewood Manor, karen kluba
$13.50 $6.00
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