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And A Forest Grew
And A Forest Grew-samplers, sampler, tree sampler, tree samplers, rosewood manor, karen kluba

The inspiration for this design came from doing research on trees for samplers. I found many different shaped trees with many different colors and a forest grew! 

This chart is worked in sections since there are several symbols used to create all the greens that Mother Nature has painted. It also includes three minis: a pin pillow, needle book and scissors fob, plus three bonus charts using the motif in the sampler! 

The book is packed full of "Be Creative!" ideas and 22 pages of wonderful inspiration!

DESIGN SIZE: 420 X 200 stitches


The frame used for this piece is from Larson Frames #255270, Saranic Mahogany. I'm not sure it is still available!

Correction: YOU ONLY NEED THIS CORRECTION IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THE FIRST 1,000 PRINTED COPIES OF THIS DESIGN! You can check by looking at the second page of the chart where the entire color chart is shown. If the DMC floss # are in numerical order & continue over to a third column of numbers--you DO NOT--need the corrections!
I am also short two colors for that first page. ADD--DMC 3830 (which is a "diamond" shaped symbol) & DMC 3852 (which is the number "4" for the symbol).

This is a large chart with lots of colors and therefore, lots of symbols. So, I divided it into 14 sections; with the intent of showing the floss list & symbols on the first page and then showing them for each individual page, so you would not have to refer back to the first page. I forgot that my computer program would reassign symbols each time I cut and pasted a section to a new page! THE SECTION SYMBOLS AND COLORS ARE CORRECT FOR THAT SECTION--they WILL NOT match the first page symbol/color chart, and they WILL NOT match the previous page, but the design WILL have the correct colors.

ALSO, apparently my printer did NOT use the correction I sent him for SECTION 6. I have it for you as a pfd or I will be happy to send it to you hard copy. 

There are also additions to the color charts for one of the BONUS CHARTS in the back of the booklet. Please print the pdf below for that color chart or e-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you.

I am so sorry for all the confusion with this chart. If I can help in any way please let me know. 

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