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American Flag Quilt Sampler
American Flag Quilt Sampler-American flag sampler,  flag sampler, patriotic sampler, patriotic samplers, rosewood manor, karen k

This sampler won Second place in the Woodlawn Plantation Needlecraft Contest in 1999. I have always loved quilts and the fact that each quilt square has a name. There are so many stories that can be told using quilt squares.

I designed this sampler long before the United States mint created the state quarters, but didn't complete the design until much later.

The design shows the state quilt blocks arranged in the order the states were admitted to the union of the United States. The first thirteen states are shown in the blue section of the flag, plus one star block, used a a filler.

DESIGN SIZE: 340 X 260 stitches


(Fabric needs to be dark enough so that the light floss colors show when completed)


CORRECTION NOTES: Even up the last "star" filler block by moving it up 3 rows and filling in the bottom 3 rows. (see cover for details.)

The other states are represented in the stripes sections of the flag. Although this is a large piece of stitching, I do not think you will get bored! Each quilt square presents it's own challenge and fun while being stitched.


Stitch a state quilt square and the year you lived in a state. It's a family history!

Make the state quilt squares into stuffed patriotic ornaments by adding backing, stuffing and cord hangers to hang on pegs or a tree! Great for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day!

Teachers can use these to teach their students about the history of their state or the USA!

You can always use different colors of floss, different fabric, over dyed or use silk floss! Just be sure the fabric is dark enough so that the light colors show.

Stitch your favorite state quilt squares to insert in boxes.

Scatter small frames with your favorite state quilt squares inserted into your sampler collection!

Corrections: If your chart does NOT have a small correction sticker for symbol "O" from DMC 3688 to 3722--please correct this color.
*In blue section of flag please even up the last "star" filler block by moving it UP three rows and filling in bottom three rows. (See cover for details).

*Also in blue section-- the Georgia block needs to be re-charted. Please use this correction. You can e-mail me at for a pdf file of this block if you prefer. Sorry for the confusion.
In the instructions for STAR (under instructions for Rhode Island) please change the Thin Red Line color from #3080 to # 3830.
In Utah block--please use the floss color for the symbol "E" in place of "e".
The word "Carolina" is spelled wrong in both North and South states.
NOTE: the "New Mexico" block is correct---it just wouldn't translate to the same size as the other blocks. It's not a mistake!
In the stripes section of the flag---please check the two row red stripes for the letter N in "under God" . The stripe should move up one row in the letter "N" only.

If you would like a hard copy of these changes please e-mail me with your name and address or send me a note via snail mail and I will be happy to send them to you.

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