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Lighthouse Island
Lighthouse Island-biscornu, biscornus, lighthouses, rosewood manor, islandLighthouse Island-biscornu, biscornus, lighthouses, rosewood manor, island

Memories of a vacation on Martha's Vineyard was the inspiration for this piece. I also loved the Three Fishes thread winders and the black Primitive Little Gems scissors from Kelmscott Designs and just had to find a fun way to use them. Picture This Plus over-dyed Belfast 32ct linen, Glacier was perfect to compliment this piece. 

This 22 page booklet also includes detailed instructions for competing the large biscornu, plus 7 Bonus Mini Charts and several Be Creative! ideas.

To complete this piece you will need:
Picture This Plus, Belfast 32ct. Glacier, over-dyed linen (18" X 26")


DMC or Anchor floss
Primitive Little Gems black scissors
1-2 sets of "Three Fishes" thread winders from Kelmscott Designs.

ASK ABOUT THE FABRIC AND A GADGET PACK (the 3 fishes and scissors)--We have them!

Corrections: Bottom of biscornu--water--please change DMC 762 floss to DMC 3865. I used DMC 762 when designing so I could see it on the computer screen and it was supposed to be changed to DMC 3865!  I changed it on the top section with the houses, but apparently forgot to on the bottom--water section.  If you've got a lot of it stitched I would just go ahead and stitch it that way, it's water and no one will know the difference.  
Some people are finding the mini charts symbols confusing--the symbols on the left-hand side are for the water and the ones on the right-hand side are for the minis.


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