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JUST PEACHY-sampler, rosewood manor, sulky, sulky petites, floral samplers, karen kluba, alphabet
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I was inspired to create a new design when I received a bib box of Sulky Petite threads, the colors were amazing! Feel free to change the colors of match your decor. Sulky has a lovely array of threads.

This 10 page booklet includes 2 mini samplers--one is a Welcome sampler, plus several minis for creating needlebook covers and more!

DESIGN SIZE: 168 X 191 stitches
FABRIC: 28ct Cream linen This count works best when using Sulky floss, however it equals two threads, so 32 ct will also work.
FLOSS:1 spool of each unless otherwise noted-- #712-1070, #712-1190, #712-1264, #712-1287, #712-1304, #712-4112 (2 spools)
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WISE OWL-samplers, mini samplers, small samplers, DMC, Rosewood manor, karen kluba, linen, smalls
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The rhyme refers to the traditional image of owls as the symbol of wisdom. A bit more history is included in the "Artist Statement" on the back cover.

This 2 page leaflet includes 7 minis to mix and match for needlebook covers and scissor fobs.

DESIGN SIZE: 100 X 110 stitches
FABRIC: 28ct Antique White linen--any size can be used, plus a variety of colors.
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CRAZY SOCKS-sampler, crazy socks, rosewood manor, karen kluba, rachel, cross stitch, counted thread
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This is a new design. It is dedicated to our daughter, Rachel. The story of her accident and the reason for the title and the design are written on the back cover of the leaflet.

The sales of this leaflet will help with the cost of our travels so that our family can visit her in the rehab center in the UK. Also, part will go to helping with her two sons education.

The cost will be $10.00 plus shipping. I do not have a model stitched. The first person to complete the stitching and post it on my Facebook page will receive $25.00 in FREE ROSEWOOD MANOR merchandise of your choice!

Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers for Rachel and our family. Thanks also for your support of Rosewood Manor. Hugs. Karen

DESIGN SIZE: 180 X 90 stitches

SUGGESTED FABRIC: 32ct Antique White or Cream linen (However, any count linen, or Aida can be used--the fabric count will determine the size of the finished piece.)

FLOSS: DMC 310, 315, 316, 730, 732, 733, 734, 747, 806, 807, 902, 975, 976, 977, 3021, 3022, 3024, 3726, 3727, 3766, 3802, 3820, 3821, 3822, 3826, 3827, 3834, 3835, 3836, 3852
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DREAMING OF DAISIES-sampler, daisy sampler, daisy, daisies, rosewood manor, counted thread, cross stitch
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I love spring and summer and all of the flowers that come with both seasons; roses, tulips a daisies.

DESIGN SIZE: 198 X 198 stitches

FABRIC: Weeks Dye Works 32ct Parchment

1091 Whitewash(2 skeins)
1092 Grits (3 skeins)
1101 Light Khaki (2 skeins)
1109 Angel Hair (1 skein)
1133 Conch (1 skein)
1224 Amber (1 skein)
1225 Tigers Eye (1 skein)
2201 Moss (3 skeins)
2202 Bullfrog (2 skeins)
2205 Grasshopper (3 skeins)
2221 Gold (1 skein)
2284 Madison Rose (1 skein)
2342 Dutch Iris (1 skein)

This 10 page booklet also includes 7 borders, 6 minis and a med size Daisy sampler, plus several BE CREATIVE! ideas

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BEAUTEOUS GARDEN-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, flower samplers, counted thread, cross stitch, cross stitch sampl
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Robert Frost' words were the inspiration for this sampler.

DESIGN SIZE: 298 X 156 stitches

FABRIC: Antique White 32ct

FLOSS: DMC (1 skein each color) 155, 333, 356, 469, 470, 471, 472, 754, 758, 934, 935, 936, 937, 948, 3685, 3687, 3688, 3689, 3746, 3771, 3778, 3903, 3820, 3821, 3822, 3838, 3839, 3840, 3852

This 14 page booklet 7 minis and 2 alphabets for personalizing them, plus 7 borders and a med size Welcome sampler.
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