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SUNRISE-samplers, sampler, rosewood, rosewood manor, karen kluba, sunrise, east, weeks dye works
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If you know me at all, you know that I do not like to rise early. However, when I get out of my cozy bed and see the sunrise, I'm in amazed at the beauty!

DESIGN SIZE: 199 x 318 stitches

FABRIC: Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie, 32ct Linen, Brigid--18" X 26"

FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works
#1305--Merlin--1 skein
#1329--Blackberry--3 skeins
#2020--Amethyst--2 skeins
#2218--Sally's Sunshine--3 skeins
#2222--Cornbread--2 skeins
#2227--Daylily--3 skeins
#2234--Autumn Leaves--3 skeins
#2249--Sockeye--3 skeins
#2272--Busy Lizzie--2 skeins
#2284--Madison Rose--1 skein
#2291--Sugar Plum--3 skeins
#2336--Ultraviolet--2 skeins
#2342--Dutch Iris--3 skeins
#4149--Beachcomber--3 skeins

This 14 page booklet includes 7 borders to use as bookmarks, several mix & Match motifs for needlebook covers and scissor fobs, plus two small samplers to greet the sunrise!

Yes! There will be a SUNSET sampler coming soon!
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CROSSES OF THE KINGDOM-samplers, rosewood manor, blackwork, cross stitch
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I was inspired to create this sampler after seeing so many lovely crosses in everything from jewelry to wall pieces to all kinds of churches I have visited while on vacations.

DESIGN SIZE: 199 x 199 stitches

FABRIC: 32 ct Antique White linen

FLOSS: DMC --3 skeins #310 & 3 skeins #E3821 Light Effects

This 10 page charts includes 6 minis, 2 medium size samplers, plus an alphabet for personalizing the medium size samplers.

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Quaker Compass-rosewood manor, cross stitch, samplers, quaker samplers, quakers, quaker motifs
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Quaker Compass

I continue to be fascinated with Quaker motifs, it seems there is endless
possibilities for their use. These colors are some of my favorites, and the
combination is an elegant sampler.

DESIGN SIZE: 298 X 198 stitches
FABRIC: Zweigart, Cashel 28ct. Platinum
STITCHED: 2 strand floss over two threads linen
FLOSS: DMC # 924, #926, # 927, # 928, # 3768
This 14 page booklet includes 16 mini charts, 1 small sampler and lots of “Be
Creative!” Ideas.

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PAST & PRESENT-sampler, rosewood manor, hardanger, blackwork, darning
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I was inspired to create this sampler while doing research on antique samplers.  I took the idea of using specialty stitches--Hardanger, Blackwork and regular cross stitch--to create a sampler similar to antique school girl's samplers, and then to incorporate them with today's over-dyed threads, and silks to create a sampler.

This 22 page booklet includes detailed instructions for the many speciality stitches used in the sampler, an alphabet for personalizing the sampler, 6 BONUS CHARTS and a myriad of “BE CREATIVE!” ideas.

DESIGN SIZE: 278 x 279 stitches

SPECIALITY STITCHES: Algerian Eyelet, Diamond Eyelet Variation, Rhodes Variation, Leaf Variation, 4-sided Stitch,  Darning Stitches, Lazy Daisy, French Knots and Couching Stitch; plus in the Hardanger section, Double Running Stitch, Long Arm Cross, Algerian Eyelet Variation with Bead, Diamond Eyelet, Kloster, Triple Rice Stitch, Large Triple Leviathan, Alternating Mosaic, Satin Stitches, and Hardanger Weaving.


FABRIC: Zweigart 28ct. Cashel, Cream linen
***DMC  (1 skein each) 221, 223, 224, 225, 310, 632, 645, 646, 647, 648, 676, 677, 680, 729, 730, 731, 924, 926, 927, 928, 950, 3041, 3042, 3064, 3721, 3722, 3740, 3768, 3772, 3828,
Ecru and (2 skeins each) DMC 732 & 733
***Weeks Dye Works (2 Skeins) #1302 Pelican Gray
***DMC #12 Perle Cotton, Ecru and #8 Perle Cotton #712
***Dinky Dyes Silk, #145 Cherry Ripe
BEADS: Mill Hill #03016 

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Read, Learn, Dream Bookmarks-bookmark, bookmarks, cross stitch bookmarks, sampler bookmarks
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Read, Learn, Dream Bookmarks



This bookmarks chart has somthing for all ages.  There are 11 different bookmarks and loads of "Be Cretive!" ideas included in the booklet.

10% of sales form this booklet will be donated toa literacy program called First Book.

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