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CHARITY-sampler, charity, rosewood manor, dmc, karen kluba, rachel gibbs, cross stitch, samplers, horn of pl
A STAR-sampler, star sampler, flower samplers, friend samplers, rosewood Manor, karen kluba, cross stitch
SUNSHINE-sampler, small sampler, you are my sunshine, sunflower sampler, sunflowers, rosewood manor, karen kl
NEIGHBORS-samplers, friend samplers, neighbors, neighbors samplers, buttons, rosewood manor, karen kluba, cros
LIME WALK-sampler, lime walk, rosewood manor, karen kluba, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers
RED CROSS 2-sampler, red cross, donation, rosewood manor, karen kluba, hurricane
Baskets!-samplers, basket sampler, baskets sampler, valdani, rosewood manor, cross stitch
Hannah Bacon-sampler, samplers, reproduction samplers, rosewood manor, cross stitch, karen kluba
PEACOCK WELCOME-samplers, peacock sampler, rosewood manor samplers, karen kluba, cross stitch, counted thread
$8.50 $7.00
Beach-rosewood manor cross stitch, samplers, beach cross stitch patterns, charts, shells, karen kluba
JUST PEACHY-sampler, rosewood manor, sulky, sulky petites, floral samplers, karen kluba, alphabet
Crazy Socks-sampler, crazy socks, rosewood manor, karen kluba, rachel, cross stitch, counted thread
SPANISH PROVERB-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, Karen Kluba, Spanish samplers, cross stitch, cross stitch sampler
$8.50 $5.00
ROW UPON ROW-samplers, rosewood manor, rosewood manor samplers, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers counted threa
TWIN SAMPLERS-samplers, rosewood manor, rosewood manor samplers, counted thread, cross stitch, cross stitch sample
$15.50 $12.50
Always Remember-sampler, rosewood manor, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers, counted thread samplers, Quaker Sample
$13.50 $10.00
Morning's At Seven-sampler, rosewood manor, cross stitch samplers, counted thread, counted thread samplers
$16.50 $9.00
PORCH WELCOME-sampler, pillow, cross stitch, cross stitch pillows, rosewood manor, sulky
$12.50 $9.00
FOR YOUR DELIGHT-samplers, Valentines sampler, wedding samplers, anniversary samplers, rosewood manor, cross stitch
$8.50 $3.00
THE GARDEN FLOWERS-sampler, rosewood manor, cross stitch, samplers mini samplers
$17.50 $12.00
China Blue Sampler-sampler, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers, rosewood manor, coffee, tea
$15.50 $9.00
Nostalgia VIII-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, cross stitch, series
$8.50 $5.00
Nostalgia VI-samplers, sampler, rosewood manor, cross stitich, counted thread
$8.50 $5.00
Branches of Life-sampler, family tree, cross stitch samplers, family tree cross stitch samplers, rosewood manor
$17.50 $8.00
NOSTALGIA XII-sampler, samplers, cross stitch, rosewood manor, nostalgia series
$10.50 $5.00
Nostalgia XI-samplers, stich along samplers, rosewood manor, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers
$8.50 $5.00
Art Nouveau Tulip-sampler, samplers, cross stitch, rosewoo, rosewood manor, art deco, art deco samplers
$9.50 $4.00
Nostalgia VII-samplers, rosewood manor, nostalgia series, alphabet samplers
$8.50 $5.00
Four Corners-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, welcome samplers, cross stitch, counted thread
Nostalgia V-sampler, rosewood manor, cross stitch samplers, nostalgia
$8.50 $5.00
Welcome Home-sampler, buttons, button pack, rosewood manor, stitches
GIVE ME A FRIEND-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, Rosewood Manor, cross stitch
$12.50 $7.00
TOPIARY WELCOME-rosewood manor, cross stitch, welcome sampler, welcome, mirror
$9.95 $3.00
EMILY MUNROE QUILT-rosewood manor, sampler, quilt, cross stitch, quilts, samplers
$14.50 $12.50
Phebe Warner Quilt-sampler, quilt sampler, rosewood manor, phoebe warner quilt
$15.95 $12.00
Grape Harvest-bellpull, sampler, cross stitch, wine, wine sampler, charms
$13.50 $6.00
Baby's Birth Sampler-birth sampler, baby sampler, birth announcement
$11.50 $4.00
Welcome Friends-sampler, samplers, pineapplesampler, housewarmingsamplers, americansampler
$8.95 $4.00
Come Sit with Us-sampler, quilt sampler, welcome, welcome sampler, Rosewood Manor sampler
$6.95 $4.00
Antiques Baskets-sampler,samplers, basket samplers, tablerunners, bookends, floral, Rosewood Manor, Gentle Arts, DMC
$9.50 $6.50
Happiness Is Sampler-sampler, samplers, alphabet, alphabet samplers, alphabet samplers, floral, floral samplers
$7.95 $3.00
Good Night-sampler, samplers, guest room sampler, guest, welcome sampler
$12.50 $8.00
Relax My Friend-sampler, samplers, teas samplers, tea, cup of tea, teapot, teapots, teacups, cross stitched teapots
$11.50 $5.00
Live Each Season-sampler, samplers, season, seasons, drink, season sampler, season samplers
$6.50 $3.00
Dragonfly, Dragonfly-dragonfly, dragongly quilt, dragonfly quilts, dragonfly quilt blocks, dragonfly quilt block, quilt,
$6.50 $2.50

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