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DREAMING OF SUNFLOWERS-dreaming of, sunflowers, cross stitch, cross stitch samplers, rosewood manor, karen kluba, dreaming
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DESIGN SIZE: 198 X 198 stitches 

FABRIC: 32 ct Antique White linen

FLOSS: DMC or SULLIVAN'S --1 skein of each color

This is another in the "Dreaming of" series.  The 10 page booklet includes 11 Mix & Match fun designs for creating needlebook covers and scissor fobs, plus 2 mid-size WELCOME designs!
ANCIENT EMBRODIERIES-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, motifs, cross stitch, karen kluba, embroidery, weeks dye works, a
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DESIGN SIZE: 196  198 stitches 
FABRIC: 32ct Weeks Dye Works Straw Linen

FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works
# 1092--Grits---3 skeins
#1171--Dove---2 skeins
#1232--Palomino---3 skeins
#2198--Ivy---2 skeins
#2221--Gold---2 skeins
#2227--Daylily---2 skeins
#2334--Lilac---1 skein

Three specialty stitches are used and detailed instructions is included: Algerian Eyelets, Triple Leviathan, and Half Moon.

This 10 page booklet includes 2 alphabets and 1 Welcome design, plus several BE CREATIVE! ideas.
HIDDEN TULIPS-sampler, samplers, rosewood, rosewood manor, karen kluba,tulip, tulips,cross stitch
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I love tulips! DESIGN SIZE: 198 X 208 stitches FABRIC: Antique White 32ct Linen FLOSS: DMC 151, 155, 156, 333, 341, 469, 470, 471, 472, 934, 937, 3350, 3354, 3731, 3733, 3746, 3747, 3820, 3821, 3822, 3852--- You will need 1 skein of each color, except 2 skeins of #470 & #471 This 10 page booklet includes 11 smalls,3 borders and 2 beautiful Welcome designs. NOTE: There are corrections! If they are NOT included in your chart, please email me at for a pdf of pages 2 & 3!
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SUNSET-sampler, samplers, sunset, sunrise, weeks threads, cross stitch, rosewood manor, karen kluba
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The Colors of Mother Nature never cease to amaze and inspire me. DESIGN SIZE: 197 X 318 stitches FABRIC: Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie 32ct Banchee (Fat Quater) FLOSS: Week's Dye Works #1171--Dove--1 skein* #1285--Twilight--1 skein #1313--Purple Haze--1 skein #1318--Concord--2 skeins #2102--Fathom--1 skein* #2104--Deep Sea--2 skeins #2218--Sally's Sunshine--2 skeins #2224--Squash--3 skeins #2230--Clockwork--2 skeins #2245--Grapefruit--2 skeins* #2246--Sunset--3 skeins #2258--Aztec Red--2 skeins #2261--Sedona--2 skeins* #2274--Romance--2 skeins* #3960--Teal Frost--2 skeins #4139--Bethlehem--3 skeins NOTE: There is a typo in the chart for the WDW color #'s Instead of #2101--it should be #2102--above info is CORRECT. This is a 10 page booklet.
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LEEDS HOUSE SAMPLER-sampler, samplers, rosewood manor, cross stitch, karen kluba blue, sulky. sulky threads
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Inspired by a visit to Leeds Castle and a field of Bluebells. 

DESIGN SIZE: 170 x 270 stitches 

FABRIC: Picture This Plus, Cashel 28 ct, Helix (18" X 26" piece) 

NOTE: If purchasing another fabric count, be sure to add 3" to all four sides of fabric for centering and finishing. FLOSS: Sulky Petites--1 spool of each color. Thread Pack #SKY-51 This 14 page booklet includes 2 smalls, 2 extra borders, 3 extra alphabets and 2 Welcome designs!

NOTE:  The list of floss color on page 1 is CORRECT!  The color key is WRONG--it should say #712-4055 not #712-4056---so sorry for the confusion! IF YOU PURCHASE A THREAD PACK IT IS CORRECT!!

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