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Twinkle, Twinkle-sampler, twinkle, twinkle twinkle, rosewood manor, karen kluba,birth sampler, cross stitch
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Twinkle, Twinkle

My grandson Jake was the inspiration for this design. His mother, Rachel, always sang the song to him each night. He misses her and the song terribly. I'm NOT a good singer, but he still wants to hear the song when I'm visiting.

The pattern includes an extra alphabet for creating a birth sampler, plus 3 minis for creating Christmas ornaments, needlebook covers and more!

DESIGN SIZE: 147 X 119 stitches
FABRIC: Antique White 28ct Lugana
FLOSS: Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid
PB02--Arctic Gold--2 skeins
PB04--Silver--1 skein
PB05--Black --1 skein
PB21--Copper--1 skein
PB27--Ice Pastels--1 skein
PB60--Dk Powder Pink--1 skein

I added gold lame' fabric behind the lugana fabric when framing this piece. It adds even more sparkle to the piece. It is hard to show in a photo.
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DREAMING OF MUMS-samplers, rosewood, rosewood manor, cross stitch, karen kluba, mums, chrysanthemums
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I found thru my research that Chrysanthemums grow in a huge variety of colors. It was fun to find over-dyed floss colors to "match."

This 10 page booklet includes 2 miniatures, a group of minis that can also be stitched as a small sampler, plus two Welcome samplers!

DESIGN SIZE: 218 X 218 stitches

FABRIC: 32ct Cream linen

FLOSS: Week's Dye Works
#1336--Raspberry (2 skeins)
#2168--Monkey Grass (3 skeins)
#2220--Curry (1 skein)
#2224--Squash (1 skein)
#2225--Marigold (1 skein)
#2227--Daylily (1 skein)
#2230--Clockwork (1 skein)
#2241--Chrysanthemum (2 skeins)
#2249--Sockeye (1 skein)
#2271--Peony (1 skein)
#2274--Romance (1 skein)
#2278--Hibiscus (1 skein)
#2279--Sweetheart Rose (1 skein)
#4111--Lucky (3 skeins)
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SUNRISE-samplers, sampler, rosewood, rosewood manor, karen kluba, sunrise, east, weeks dye works
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If you know me at all, you know that I do not like to rise early. However, when I get out of my cozy bed and see the sunrise, I'm in amazed at the beauty!

DESIGN SIZE: 199 x 318 stitches

FABRIC: Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie, 32ct Linen, Brigid--18" X 26"

FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works
#1305--Merlin--1 skein
#1329--Blackberry--3 skeins
#2020--Amethyst--2 skeins
#2218--Sally's Sunshine--3 skeins
#2222--Cornbread--2 skeins
#2227--Daylily--3 skeins
#2234--Autumn Leaves--3 skeins
#2249--Sockeye--3 skeins
#2272--Busy Lizzie--2 skeins
#2284--Madison Rose--1 skein
#2291--Sugar Plum--3 skeins
#2336--Ultraviolet--2 skeins
#2342--Dutch Iris--3 skeins
#4149--Beachcomber--3 skeins

This 14 page booklet includes 7 borders to use as bookmarks, several mix & Match motifs for needlebook covers and scissor fobs, plus two small samplers to greet the sunrise!

Yes! There will be a SUNSET sampler coming soon!
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BASKETS!-samplers, basket sampler, baskets sampler, valdani, rosewood manor, cross stitch
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I love baskets and use them for everything from picnics to organizing to decorating.

This 10 page booklet includes 3 minis, plus lots of “BE CREATIVE!” ideas.

DESIGN SIZE:170 X 260 stitches

FABRIC: Picture This Plus, 28ct Wren

FLOSS: RMC#7 - Rosewood Manor’s new Valdani thread collection of 3-strand, hand over-dyed,colorfast floss.
(Shown on cover.)
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MERLIN'S TULIPS-sampler, tulips, tulips sampler, merlin tulips, cross stitch, rosewood manor
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Tulips always remind me of spring! When they pop their brightly colored heads through the snowy earth, I know it is time to breathe deep and enjoy life.

DESIGN SIZE:195 X 198 stitches

FABRIC: Antique White 32ct linen

FLOSS: Week’s Dye Works
#1284--Cadet (2 skeins)
#1305--Merlin (4 skeins)
#2293--Dahlia (1 skein)
#4139--Bethlehem (2 skeins)

This 10 page booklet includes full
instructions for the specialty stitches, a mini sampler, 3 borders, a personalized scissor fob, mix & match needlebook covers & scissor fobs and a mini Welcome!
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